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Do you need to install a new air conditioner in Greer to stay comfortable this summer? With the kind of heat we can have here, you really need your AC to be in the best shape if you want to get through the summer. At Chisholm Plumbing, Air & Electric, we can handle all of your AC services in Greer, SC efficiently.

Before you know it, you’ll have that air conditioning installation in Greer, SC that you wanted to get through summer’s hottest days.

Greenville ac installation and repair

Which AC is Right for You?

Many of our customers call us feeling confused, unsure which new air conditioner in Greer would be best for them. They want to ensure that they buy something that will work in their homes for years to come.

That’s where our expertise comes in. We’ll work through the following questions with you, then suggest new units based on your answers. We’ll ask:

  • How big is your house (in square feet)?
  • How often do you turn on your AC?
  • How low do you set your AC temperature?
  • Is saving energy a key factor for you?
  • What is the budget for your new air conditioner?
  • Have you been satisfied with your current AC?

Once we have answers to each one of these questions, we’ll recommend an air conditioning replacement in Greer, SC that comes from a reputable manufacturer.

Do I Need a New AC Unit?

Air conditioning installation in Greer, SC can be a major investment, so we understand that you don’t want to purchase one unless you really need it. There are a few situations where we suggest a new air conditioner. If one of these is true for you, talk to us about a new AC soon!

  • Your current AC needs an extensive — or expensive — repair.
  • You have an old AC or you need a refill of outlawed coolant.
  • You have had to repair your old AC several times over the last few years.
  • You are hot at home even though your AC is running normally.
  • You’re replacing your furnace and your AC is also aging.

Call us anytime. We would be happy to evaluate your air conditioning situation and give you an honest and professional opinion about the timing of your next air conditioning replacement in Greer, SC.

Contact Chisholm whenever you need AC installation in Greer, SC. We’ll help you order the right AC, then oversee its delivery. Finally, we’ll install it according to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that it will run well for years to come. If you’re not satisfied, all you need to do is talk to us and we’ll work hard to make it right.

Call now to make an appointment for air conditioning installation in Greer, SC. Before long, a skilled HVAC tech from Chisholm Plumbing, Air & Electric will be at your door!

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