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Heating Maintenance in Greer, SC

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When you’re looking for someone to perform heater maintenance in Greer, SC, look no further than Chisholm Plumbing, Air & Electric. Our team would love to get your heater running strong before winter comes!

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Furnace Maintenance

If you would like your furnace to last a long time and to work as efficiently as possible, it’s good to schedule regular maintenance for it. Our experienced heating technicians have experience working with a variety of brands of furnaces, of all different ages and types, so they will know precisely what needs to be done with yours.

It may be time to schedule furnace maintenance if:

  • It has been more than a year since you had maintenance done.
  • Your furnace is working but not quite as well as it once did.
  • You have questions about your furnace or how it’s working.
  • You haven’t changed your furnace filters in months.
  • Your energy bills have gone up significantly and unexpectedly.

You may also need to schedule heater maintenance in Greer, SC if you have a relatively new furnace that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Some companies require regular maintenance in order to keep the warranty valid. If this is your situation, then don’t feel anxious! We know what manufacturers require and we will ensure that everything gets checked off according to their specifications.

Our regular furnace maintenance package includes replacing your filters, checking all of the parts of your furnace, testing the pilot or ignition control, and more. We will assess how well the furnace is functioning, overall, and let you know if there are any necessary heating repairs required to keep it working well this winter.

Boiler Maintenance

A regular boiler tune-up can help keep your boiler in Greer functioning well, both for this winter and for many winters to come. We’ll ensure that  you get the boiler service you require so you can feel confident about its boiler ability to heat your home all winter. Our boiler maintenance service includes:

  • Testing each part of the boiler against the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that it’s working the way it was designed to.
  • Visually inspecting the entire boiler system.
  • Cleaning out the boiler system as needed to ensure optimal airflow.

During your boiler tune-up, we’ll let you know if we find any issues that need to be addressed before winter comes. If we find something, we’ll get you on our calendar so those repairs can be completed before you need to use your boiler. Then we’ll arrive on time and finish your repair fast. Soon, you’ll feel confident that you’ll have reliable heat this winter.

Call us at Chisholm Plumbing, Air & Electric whenever you need heating maintenance in Greer SC. We’ll have an expert at your door in no time!

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